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2 Name Tune Games

4 Series - 900+ Episodes

of 1950s Radio Shows

Our goal is to give public access for entertainment, educational, and research purposes to a wide variety of oldies media that comprise our shared broadcast heritage at no cost to the user.


Playa Cofi Jukebox websites: TropicalGlen.com

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Artist and Songwriter Royalties

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Website Administration and Maintenance

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1950's Radio Shows

Radio Shows Popular in the 1950s

900+ Episodes


Dr. Kildare



Have Gun - Will Travel


     More series will be added

in the near future

Name Tune Game

To Test Your Own Musical Knowledge


2500+ Song Clips 1950 to 1989


Three Levels of Play:
Level 1 - Easy Songs Clues to ID

Level 2 - Harder Clues to ID

         Level 3 - Hardest Clues to ID


Hosted Name Tune Game

To Challenge Others


Host Display Screen has hundreds of

1950-1989 Level 1 song clips


Host selects and plays a clip,

then attendees call out their answers

Perfect for Party Games, DJs,

and Elder Care Facilities 


We Honor Copyrights


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We have performance agreements with, and pay the requisite royalties to Song Writers / Composers and Performing Artists via ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, & SoundExchange. 

Here Are The Rules

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In exchange for a Statutory License under the Federal Copyright Act that allows us to play a wide variety of music by many artists, we must abide by the following rules that affect the way our site works: 

Non-Interactive Operation

We cannot: 

     Allow users to choose songs

     Provide skip ahead or back

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     Provide user specified playlists 

     Provide featured artist playlists

No Prior Notice

We cannot let users know what song(s) will play next or in the near future.



As the music plays we must provide text describing the songs's Artist - Title - and Source (Album Title).

Long Play Programming

We strive to broadcast long-play programs to limit the number of times an artist or song will play in a three hour period. 



Think of our site as radio stations

from which you are free to select


If you don't like what you are listening to, you can change channels or switch programs anytime you like and know what type of music you will receive. 


You can also restart the random song selection process at any time by refreshing the screen. 


However, you cannot choose, or even know what songs will play at any particular time.