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General Information

Our CustomGPT chatbot utilizes the advanced AI capabilities of ChatGPT-4. It ihas ingested our data, including website content, helpdesk, knowledge bases, documents, and more, to respond accurately to inquiries. As a result this is a personalized chatbot that understands our business intricacies, enhancing both employee and customer efficiency and experience.



We Provide Links to 8500+ Oldies Music Videos

Our Data Categories Include:

Artist:                       Artist or Group Performing on the Linked Video

Title:                        Title of the Song on the Linked Video

Year:                        The Year that the Song was released (1950 to 1999)

Rank:                       The Top 100 Rank of the Song that Year (nr = not ranked)

Genre:                      The Genre of the Song ( Pop, Country, Blues, etc.)

Website Link:           The URL Link to Play the Song Video

Last Posted Date:    The Date the Video was Last Posted to FB Page Free Oldies Music

VideoType:                Song performed with Artist Action or Just Photographs



Example Questions That Can Be Copied, Pasted,

and Modified to Suit Your Interest


1.      Please show the Website Links to play all videos by Artist.

2.      Please show the Title, Rank, and Website Link of all videos by Artist in Year.

3.      Please show the Website Link for Title by Artist.

4.      Please show the Title and Year of all Videos by Artist.

5.      or Make Up Your Own Quires.